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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  August 5, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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reporting about 63,000 without power. you've been watching the thunderstorm all afternoon. >> and i think i need a bigger desk to keep one all the paperwork. a number of severe thunderstorm warnings again, since 3:30 until tornado warnings. what's left now, those areas shade in the orange that you see on the screen. so really, it is about three clusters right now with the exception of what you're seeing out over eastern maryland and around southern delaware. the one area there that has made its way from silver spring through the district and around centreville, let me go back to that. severe thunderstorm warnings. for the district, for prince george's county, loudoun, prince william and fairfax county, and then watching another one south and east of the area. those warnings are for calvert, charles and saint mary's county until 6:15 with any of these warnings.
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there is the potential not only of some very high winds coming through, but also some frequent lightning and also some hail. i'll zoom in on the area around madison, green, orange and culpeper county. that's until 6:15. all these are tracking to the east. and then south of the area, around richmond, virginia, and around petersburg. they can possibly be looking at some rotation with those cells. we talk about areas along u-66, all the wind damage that we've seen across the area. especially from old town and alexandria. the winds were clocked up to 70 miles an hour. national harbor without power and we've got reports of damage. the south lawn area of prince george's county, trees down around route 250. and also, oxon hill. speaking of that area around arlington, report of 40 to 50 trees down as well as some of the trees that have fallen on cars. watching a couple of other clusters with these warnings
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that go until 6:15. i should say that we've had reports of hail. that was in la plata earlier today. and a tremendous am of moisture that's in the air. even though they're coming through these lines, i'm seeing the lines sneak back up. it has been a hot one today and the temperature have dropped from 90 to 70 some degrees. we've got some flash flooding going on. a short period of time. ponding on the roadways. fairfax under a flood warning. the bulk will be 8:00 or 9:00 p.m. as they colonel east of i-81, some of the ones if you are north, not quite as strong as the ones that we've seen through the area earlier. having said that, i'm not saying we won't see more warnings issued. montgomery county, not under a warning or howard county. you could be here getting yours before the evening is over.
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>> alexandria is one of the areas hit hardest. a big mess out there, huh? >> i can say it was a wild ride. there was a lot of high winds. affidavit some point the rain was coming down. you can barely see out the windshield. you can see it is still raining. we're hearing thunder in the area and a little lightning. not quite over yet in the alexandria area. they were hit very hard in alexandria. we shot this very close to our location. over monticello boulevard in the del rey second quarter of alexandria. a very large tree across the roadway and into someone's front yard. fortunately, that house did not hit -- excuse me, that tree did not hit a house but we have received word the tree has fallen on home in the area as well as vehicles. that's typical, the damage that we're seeing in the severe
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storm. also, i'm told there are tens of thousands of people in the alexandria area who are without power at this time because of the downed power lines and trees. i was able to talk to the building manager. she said we have a lot of trees that were damaged or destroyed during this incident. very heavy winds came through and basically sheared off some of these trees. they have a new line from the site of the church. joining us live, the mayor of alexander re. a he was able to go out and survey some of the damage. how would you describe it? how bad is it? >> darcy i've lived in the city my entire life. i thought when isabel came through, we hadder in seen anything like that before. now we had the snow, the snowstorms and downed trees and power lines. this is the worst. the city looked like a war zone. i i'm heading to the west end
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after i finish with you and the calls i'm getting in from the staff is that it is total devastation throughout the city. trees are down, wires are down. we're asking people to stay in off the streets so they can be safe. let the emergency crews pick up branches and trees. the trucks are out and about trying to get power restored. we have so many lines down that this will take a long time. >> a war zone. there were reports of winds over 70 miles an hour. do you think that's what caused this damage? >> i honestly believe so. my brother-in-law was in the local post office nearby, and he was a inside the building, the windows blew out. i heard on the radio that up from the west end of the city, the doors blew off. the front sprans doors blew off. some are characterizing that minute tornadoes went through but i don't think that's
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official. with the heavy gusty winds, i was out and about at city hall. once i got into the building, i fell a little bit safe but then i was looking out the window and could i see the damage interesting trees falling and line and so forth. the city is up and about and we're asking folks to stay safe, stay indoors, let us clean up and get the power restored. >> in your travels, where would you stay worst of the damage is? is there a particular building or area? >> unfortunate fortunately, no s or injuries. according to the reports coming in through my blackberry, the del rey section that's the hardest hit. we have the moecht power outages and most sphere damage. >> and del rey is an important part of the city. a lot of businesses there. any idea about the damage to the main road? >> i haven't had a chance to go on vernon avenue just yet.
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i'm not hearing those reports. it is really interesting as i try to get to you, i live two minutes away but it took me 40 minutes to get here. the trees that are down throughout the major thorough fares, they're all impacted. king street, and the like. that's why we want folks to stay in. it is so ironic. you can be on one block and it is like nothing ever happened. you go to the next street and it is total devastation. >> we were talking about the gw parkway. there may be a tree down on a bus? >> i understand that could very well be the situation we've had a train derailment in the quantico area. it is still shut down. metro has some challenges that they're dealing with. so in the whole entire region, it has been impacted by the storm. >> it didn't seem like it was that big a deal. when you say it's worse than snowmagaddon. you say this is worse than all
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that. >> it so ironic. we had a storm a couple weeks ago, i was on the eastern shore, and montgomery county suffered the damage and alexandria, it was like it passed through in two minutes and no rain. today the warnings came out early. be prepared. and boy, we were prepared but not to expect what we got. >> thank you so much for joining us. you've heard him say, this is worse than isabel. it came through fast and it left behind what he is describing. a war zone in alexandria. i'm darcy spencer, news4. >> let's check out the damage. jackie bensen is on the phone with us. tell us what you're seeing. jackie? are you there? i guess we don't have her. so we'll move on to -- let's
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move on to veronica with an update for us in the weather center. >> thanks a lot. i want to make a come about what the gentleman was saying, in his opinion, that what he is seeing in terms of damage reports across the area. this is worse than snowmageddon. even worse than isabel. we have winds clocked at 70 miles an hour. that's close to to hurricane force winds, concentrated in a very small area as it made its way through to prince george's county. so yeah work the winds around hurricane force, close to that. you would speck quite a bit of damage and certainly did that in so many locations. you're looking at one of the areas still under a severe thunderstorm warning. and that includes parts of the district. montgomery county, prince george's county, arlington, up into southern loudoun county. the areas of eastern prince william county. this whole area is racing to the east at 30 miles per hour. then we've got more to the south
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and east there. with that cluster coming through saint mary's city and solomon's. all with a tremendous amount of lightning and some very heavy rain. we do have flash flood warnings that were made up until 8:00 tonight. fauquier, loudoun, prince william county. let go ahead and talk about the areas that we're watching out here. just a little bit. wheaton in silver spring, getting the heavy rain. and then farther south, south of mount vernon, all this heading toward charles county. waldorf and la plata. we're really seeing these cells weaken considerably from what it looked like just an hour to an hour and a half ago. the worst is over for us. just some moderate, perhaps some heavy rain coming through. some very heavy rain that could be producing some flooding in areas, still quite a bit have lightning. nothing like what we saw an hour and a half or two today. now on report in northwestern
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d.c. >> some lightning and trees down behind me on montgomery boulevard. i am standing in northwest washington. this tree has lines down. we're talking about telephone lines. we're talking about power lines. this is going to be a very complicated situation. on the other side of that tree, there is a pepco tree. and joining me live, lieutenant egan. what are we looking at? >> we have a number issues here. the tree is blocking the road. a major commuter route in and out of the district. it is also a running around for montgomery county with this emergency -- we've already assessed the area. we're working with pepco right now. as soon as they deenergize, we're in a position we'll start mobilizing our units and start removing this and start moving up. >> i want to go back and show the tree as we continue to track
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to lieutenant egbegin. are we looking at an electrified situation? >> we have several things going on. we have some power outages. we have some energy, and then we have some areas that have full power. so until pepco gives us the green light, we're in a stand still. >> i want to go over something you said. the metro buses have been turned around and the street is blocked off. >> that's right. right now, we're shut down. we've got the roadways and it will be until pepco steps in. >> right now we've already dispatch. we've got d-dot on the scene i know what our units. and we have montgomery county that will be on the other side. the fire department.
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we've got urban forestry en route. it will be a full court press. a number agencies are involved. >> how long are we looking at? >> i can't tell you that. pepco holes the key to that. >> thank you for joining us live here on news4 as we look at this tree down, which brought power lines down which closed macarthur boulevard. this mean between northwest washington and montgomery county. we're live on the scene. back to you in the studio. >> chris gordon, it will take a while to work our way out of this. >> we'll be back in just a moment with the latest on the weather.
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the power is out for a whole lot of people in our area because of the severe thunderstorms that have moved through the area. leja is on the phone with us. are you with us, miss anderson? hello. miss anderson from dominion power? i guess not.
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i guess we're just not having much luck with our live interv. >> that's because, it could be because power is town all over the place. and it is difficult to get communications through. jackie bensen has noted before, where exactly again? >> out in oxon hill where she is reporting some problems there. i think in prince george's county, you told me several thousand people were without power. >> 54,000 in that county alone. things are not looking well there. >> on comanche drive, psych behind me, this tree came down at the height of the storm. the residents inside the house say they believe it was struck by line and we'll show you actually, you can see over there that the charred portions of the tree that definitely look like they are burned from where it was cleaved away. they're pretty much trapped.
6:18 pm
the folks did go around to the back door. they were trapped there, too, they couldn't get out. they managed to push the door, moved the trees away from the door. very carefully made their way out. what we're going to show you are the downed power lines. and effectively again, a very, very dangerous situation. they did want to make sure that they could get out somehow in case there was an emergency or possibly a fire, something like that. what they're doing is there are a half dozen other trees along the road. everyone is waiting for their power to be restored. as far as we can tell, no report of injuries. back to you. >> widespread damage and issues all over the area. aaron gilchrist is in our newsroom. he's been trying to keep track of problems all over the area. what is the latest? >> we got off the phone with u.s. park police. apparently gw parkway southbound is closed right now. and it will be for a few hours more.
6:19 pm
we're talking about between 395 and the alexandria line. apparently, they had some trees come down on the parkway. three large trees or as one person skrind described it, ginormous. they had the entire highway closed for a time as head to cut up the trees enough so they could access the people in those cars and on the bus. they were able to do that. no one was seriously hurt as a result of those trees having fallen. it has clogged up the parkway southbound again right now, close from 395 to the alexandria line. as crews continue to get those large trees, those three large trees off the parkway. this is impacted people trying to get to and from reagan national. we're told there are some access issues to and from the airport. there are some reports of issues accessing the airport from the parkway.
6:20 pm
some thing to keep in mind there. also, we're told, as far as air travel goes, reagan national dealing with some delays. an hour and a half or so for planes taking off. not so bad with planes landing. dull even worse. 2 1/2 hours, 2:45. the planes landing not having so much trouble but you'd better believe transportation around the metro d.c. area severely impacted by the storm coming through this evening. >> it sounds like if you're trying to get anywhere around town or out of town, you've got some issues tonight. >> that's right. don't go. >> aaron gilchrist, thank you. >> we've got more coming up on the effects of the storm.
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wild thunderstorms in our area. two batches of them and lots of damage and problems left behind. veronica, what can we speck next? >> things are starting to calm down. we have a couple of clusters. at least now, there is no severe warnings left.
6:24 pm
and look at that pink box. that's the severe thunderstorm box that was until 10:00 p.m. the national weather service starting to move back. you can see west of i-81, there are some storms left. the whole system moving through the area and we're left with a couple of clusters. no warnings now, and right inside the beltway some moderate rain, some heavy rain south of there, around mount vernon heading into the waldorf area. then down south, making its way away from calvert and saint mary's county. a tremendous amount of lightning. and i wanted to open it up and show you how really, at least this isn't us, salisbury to richmond and down toward farmville. they notov have a tremendous am of line but earlier, about actually, maybe in effect right now around richmond. that tornado warning down i-95. real quick, we'll zoom in again. from silver spring to alexandria, some rain showers.
6:25 pm
confirm that 75-mile-an-hour wind gusts. it came down through old town. gaithersburg and clarksburg. east to moderate rain. a little heavier through charles county, hillwood and la plata area, as well as saint mary's moving away. so your forecast, here's a look at all storm reports through the area. likely to be looking at more of these coming in. the temperature have cooled into the 70s. 75 in manassas and clinton at 75. la plata at 77. all this after a high today of 96 degrees. that wind gust in arlington brought down some 40 to 50 trees in the area. some fell on cars. at 77, we have a heat index that's not too bad at 81 degrees. our window still is out of the southwest. the front really has yet to move through here. so i've got 9:00, still the possibility of some thunderstorms will left lingering. isolated ones but really by 11 clog, it should be out of here. there is a watch that go to north carolina and areas of
6:26 pm
tennessee until 9:00. all through this weather system, this low-pressure system, and its weather front racing eastward. we'll get the less humid air behind it. arlington, .75 inch of rain. up to 58-mile-per-hour wind gusts. the storm is taking down the heat and the human and high moisture out of the area. chicago, minneapolis and points north in the 50s. we'll see a bit of a cool-down for the weekend. so real quick, the forecast then for this evening. storm ending by tomorrow morning. less humid, 70 to 76. real quick, a look at the four-day forecast. absolutely fabulous for early august and summer around here. the temperature will be close to 90. storms ending across the area. take a breather. >> thanks. we've got more coming up.
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we're continuing our coverage of the storm that came through about an hour and a half
6:30 pm
ago or so. darcy spencer has the report. is it still raining? >> reporter: we're getting a little rain, a little wind. we're still hearing thub and seeing some line in the area. i think unfortunately, i did not dress appropriately. you never know what you're going to encounter. we're live at the del rey baptist church here in the del rey area of alexandria. if you take a look across the street, there is a large tree that's down at the alexandria country day school. fortunately, the tree did not get building. you can see it kind of cracked through the middle section there. right through the parking lot basically of the school. right in front of there is the russell road. this is one of the main arteries near alexandria. i'm told by the may o. there is a lot of damage to a lot of roads in the area. a lot of trees down, a lot of branches down. that's affecting traffic in and out of the del rey area. there are so many downed trees and power lines, downs branches,
6:31 pm
traffic signals are out in the area. we're in the parking lot of the del rey baptist church. if you take a look here along the tree edge, i was able to talk to the building manager. she indicated that there is a lot of damage to the trees in this area. basically, several feet on tops of the trees were taken off when the very, very high winds came through this area. we're told, the winds were in excess of 70 miles per hour coming through alexandria. so it sounds lying that high wind basically sheared off the top of the trees. fortunately, no daniel to the church or school building. we're hearing reports that there is damage to houses, damage to vehicles, a lot of trees are down into houses. also, trees that are down, blocking area roadways. and residential streets. people are saying they're stuck on their streets and can't get out because of the downed trees and power lines. several minutes ago, we were able to talk to the mayor here in alexandria. he indicated this storm was worse than isabel and
6:32 pm
snowmageddon. he described it as a war zone at this point. he said there is so much damage, so many downed trees and power lines. i believe he said 23,000 people in alexandria without power this evening. so certainly a very devastating storm. and what is pretty amazing, this was a really, really short storm. it came through very fast and left behind quite a bit of damage right here in the alexandria area. they're still in the process of trying assess and it see how bad it is. if you're trying to get out or come into the alexandria area, be prepared. a lot of trees down. a lot of power lines down. the traffic signals are out. so you want to stay home if you can. that's according to the mayor. he's describing it as a war zone tonight. reporting live from alexandria, back to you. >> thanks. now let's go back to chris gordon on mcarthur boulevard right on the d.c. county line. i imagine it is causing problems
6:33 pm
for people trying to get home on that busy road. >> that's true. i'm standing in mcarthur boulevard and i wouldn't normally because all the buses, the d.c. buses in traffic that would normally be traveling from northwest into montgomery county, have been stopped because this tree fell over, bringing down power lines. bringing down telephone and cable lines. if you look over on this side, you will see that d.c., fire, ems personnel have begun to cut the branchs of that. that's because minutes ago, the lines were deenergized, deelectricity td deelectrified so they feel safe cutting the large tree by the reservoir that fellow in high winds this afternoon. and brought down the power line, close of off mcarthur boulevard. you have to look for an alternate route if you were normally going to travel this
6:34 pm
way. there is a pepco crew on the other side of that tree on the montgomery county side. and as you see, d.c., fire, personnel, working with old-fashioned gas saws and electric saws. earlier, we were driving around and we saw the line, the thunder, the disruption of traffic. it all began about 3:00 in the afternoon. river road was closed right about at the westbound turnaround because of accidents in that area. we come back to this situation. we got a briefing within the last hour from the d.c. fire ems. >> we've already assessed the area. we're working pepco and as soon as they deenergize, we're in a
6:35 pm
position that we'll start mobilizing our units and start removing the tree and opening up. >> and that's exactly what they're doing. they have to energize. crews are working. this will be a long process. they have d-dot, the department of transportation for the district. they have d.c. fire. they have pepco. they have closed the street off to traffic and they do not have an estimated time. mcarthur boulevard will be open. this situation is creating a power outages throughout the area. that's the latest from the scene. back to you in the studio. >> okay. >> that will take a long time to clean that one out of the road. he used the phrase, disruption of traffic. we imagine that's pandemic. >> that was putting it mildly. the capital beltway has taken a punch in the face this afternoon. starting off with the dw
6:36 pm
parkway, it is still shut down. you can't access 395. forcing drivers on the 14th street bridge because a tree fell down on top of a bus in that area. unclear as far as injuries are concerned but we do know the road by is shut down. out of springfield -- this is around the capital beltway. they are coming out of college park, around silver spring. and unfortunately, the pace is like this for bell way drivers. it will be solid over toward bethesda. look at that. you're just inching along. and then headed toward river road, here's the pace. as you can see again, just inching along. shockingly, there is no major accident to report. it is just plain petty because of the storms that went through. 95 headed southbound. again, a little drier out of springfield. the hovs are definitely jammed. you see those in the center of the screen. the mainline looks a little better but the camera shot is a little misleading. you are in the thick of it solid
6:37 pm
through quantico. at this hour, no major accidents to report. at least at this hour. >> that looks awful. we'll be back in a moment. >> the storm are starting to settle down.
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6:40 pm
veronica johnson in storm center 4. we continue to track the storm, the worst over from the storm that fire it up. about 3:30 today. we've had quite a bit of damage across the area. the power outages, trees down. a tremendous amount. especially around alexandria. some parts of the area, 70-mile-per-hour winds clocked in alexandria. we don't have any warnings left. you can see under a watch, that is not until 10:00 p.m. the watch box has been shaved back. aware satisfying the weakening of the storm as they make their way on eastward. not completely out of the woods. zoom in right now on areas of d.c. alexander re, a some showers there. meanwhile, i'm watching this one cell to the south. it is not a warning on it yet but it could be issuing, the national weather service for stafford and for northern spotsylvania county.
6:41 pm
because it is looking like there is the potential for some very high winds with it. and with any of these, we've seen a tremendous am of lightning. from charlie county, around waldorf and la plata, then a little more through gaithersburg. the worst with these cells, the one area i'm worried about. that is where there has been the most sunshine today. the most heating, further south. you can see how richmond and petersburg, i-95, all the way eastward into salisbury and right around worcester county where the line is really starting to come together. probably some tornado warnings that get issued further south of there. here's look at our rainfall. winds up to 60 miles per hour. an crews air force base, and same thing with an inch of
6:42 pm
rainfall and .75 of an inch of rain. we're in the 70s. the one thing we did get with this system is a chance to cool down. a little bit of stickiness in the air but that will be coming out of the air. we go through the overnight period. a comfortable start to the day tomorrow. this evening, thunderstorm will be ending. thunderstorms moving out by about 8:00 or so. a few lingering showers. we'll be dropping from the 80 to the low 80s. tomorrow morning, less humid. 70 to 76. a comfortable day tomorrow, 88 to 92 degrees. so a seven-day forecast. some very rough weather today but at least we've got a new air mass that will move in and hold for the weekend with much less humidity, a little bit of humidity returns on sunday. and then like this little wave of heat that we've had around here, it all starts over again on monday when we can see a high temperature of 96 degrees, into
6:43 pm
the 90s for tuesday and wednesday. and a chance to make it at the end of the week. >> those cooler temperatures look good. boy, we sure picked the hard way to get there. >> we'll be back with more of our continuing coverage of the storm and the storm damage in a moment. we'll take a look at the photographs. some pictures that you have been sending us on our website.
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
that storm hit the entire metropolitan area. what was not spared, i would assume, the redskins park. dan hellie is out there. what kind of impact did the storm have? >> they kansas he told the afternoon practice and as you know from the last couple of days, in training camp, the afternoon practice generally just lasts about an hour. they call at 4:30 and said there wouldn't be any practice. coming down in sheets on the toll road. people were driving 15 to 20 miles an hour. in terms of actual redskins news, we have to give you a little albert haynesworth news. he didn't practice, didn't do conditioning. you can see right behind me, you look at the goalpost. not very windy at all. still a little drizzle coming down at the practice field. the players slowly trickling out of the building as they go back to the team hotel to get ready
6:47 pm
for what will be another round of two a days tomorrow. >> let's get an update on the power outages that are widespread across the area. aaron gilchrist is in the newsroom. he's been keeping track of that. >> the number have been fluctuating since about 3:00 or so. right now we're getting from virginia dominion powerful they're dealing with about 66,000 semi power outages across the area. most of them in alexandria. in arlington, fairfax county. that's where they had the most damage, the most trees come down. pepco reporting about 58,200 power outages in their service area. the vast majority are in prince george's county as we've been reporting throughout the day. you'll remember, a tornado warning in that area earlier this afternoon.
6:48 pm
they have about 51,000 customers. pepco customers in prince george's county alone that are without power right now. bge reporting about 526 outages, really a handful compared to the other parts of the region right now. that is all a rule of storm damage that happened when the storm roll through those areas today. you're looking now at part of the beltway. there have been a number roads impacted by downed trees. we just got word from arlington in the emergency operations center. they have traffic lights out, obviously work the power being out and a number of intersections. we got some reports about pretty bad traffic along route one in that area. also, the entrance to national airport, bw parkway blocked, ill passable because of downed trees and some electricity issues in that area as well. so the advice from the power companies, emergency operations centers and official in different localities around the area, if you don't have to leave
6:49 pm
home, don't. it will be hours before they can start to really assess and then start to clean up after the storm. >> it is condensed, the storm lately in a short period of time. >> here we go again. >> we've got more to talk about.
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
traffic all foefr metropolitan jerry a mess right now. and there you go. >> actually, called the 14th street parking lot if you wish at this point, because they are barely moving across there. the same situation applies as we understand on the beltway and on many of the other major arteries throughout the washington metropolitan area. because of the storms that blew through a couple hours ago, knocked down trees, knocked down power lines. that's a shot in crystal city. is that route one? in any event, whatever it is, they're not getting anywhere very quickly he'd.
6:53 pm
if you got dinner on, folks, you might want to put it on the warmer. because those folks are not going to be home any time real soon. >> we understand that metro is having some delays, some issues at various stations where there has been some damage, and buses are struggling to get around, too so if you're waiting for someone, it will be a while. >> and access to reagan national airport is very limited because of the trees down on the gw parkway over there. >> julie carry is in falls church with more about the damage and what has happened oh there. >> look at this house behind me. it has been rushed by an enormous tree. >> it came down with four people were at home inside. one was in the room that the tree landed on. husband and wife and two grandchildren were in here.
6:54 pm
the husband, or the grandfather, rather, and toddler were both taken to the hospital with cuts that they received when the zpree the branches came crashing down on the house. those injuries are believed to be relatively minor. they are in the hospital now but are expected to be released sometime tonight. the damage that you see in the front here pales in comparison. an enormous toddler in the backyard of the house came crashing down this afternoon, taking down another tree with it. when you walk around to the backyard of this house, you wouldn't even know there was a house there anymore. there is that much damage. it is covered with the trees. the fire department was here a while ago and they have condemned this house for now. they told all the residents who were living here, some who came rushing home afterwards, told them to find another place to stay. so just incredible damage at this house. two people taken to the hospital. an older gentleman and a
6:55 pm
toddler. they are both expected to be fine. >> julie carey reporting from falls church. >> this was really rough and wild when it came through. are we done with it now? >> we are done with it, i'm happy to say. there is one area right now around southern prince william county, stafford county, spotsylvania county. we're done with the warnings right now. there are none in effect but we remain under a watch. a good portion of the area until 10:00 p.m. but we continue to see the whole watch box shade back as the lines die. the one cluster is the one down south. you can see it has the most lightning with it again. like i said, the southern areas of prince william county. stafford and spotsylvania county. and this is heading off to the east at about 20 miles per hour. it does have the potential to produce high winds and i don't think we'll be seeing 70-mile-per-hour winds like did you in alexandria.
6:56 pm
around stafford right now, down toward ferry farm and it is pushing off to the east. it will be hitting areas like king george and northern caroline county, perhaps even areas of charles county will be getting more of this very heavy rain. around the district, aspen hill toward alexandria. some light showers now. there's the one area that i mentioned that i'm really looking at hard as it heads off to the east. it will be affecting areas like hazel hills. areas of dahlgren junction by 6:57. grafton village and then mayfield by 6:58. that's one area there. we'll go on and head off to golden beach and around eastern charles county, saint mary's and calvert. those storms have died down considerably and the same thing north of montgomery county. we can all breathe a little easier except for the folk that are further south. >> here's a look at the damage reports across the area. quite a bit. not just here in d.c. but fark.
6:57 pm
throughout fauquier county and around culpepper, this whole line really came into the area with some very strong wind. winds as well as some very heavy rain. that was around 3:30 or 4:00. and speaking of the heavy rain, there has been amounts over an inch. there is that wind gust in arlington, virginia. zoik 70-mile-per-hour. so near hurricane force, easy to see why there was so much damage. even quite a few inches there. winds close to 60 miles per hour. look at the temperature still. we went from the 90s to the 70s in many locations. andrews air force base at 75 degrees with over an inch of rain. wind gusts there, over an inch of rain and your temperature at 75 degrees. so generally in the 70s. off to the west, winchester at hagerstown. 81 to 88.
6:58 pm
why is it so high there? the actual weather front is to the west. that's the reason for the humidity. it isn't until later tonight, probably around 11:00 people, midnight or so the front will be coming through. i don't think we'll have any fog but we could still see a few isolated showers up around 9:00 or so. so 77 with the dew point temperature at 71 degrees. and winds that are still out of the south now at 14 miles per hour. not only a watch here, but a watch that extends all the way down into north carolina in the areas have tennessee until 9:00. and that line that was over us, that is now down around the northern neck and heading into southeastern virginia. they've got a number of severe thunderstorm warnings up now. your weather system, that low-pressure area that moved into pennsylvania, the front is a little if you are ahead. just now coming into virginia. and making its way out of
6:59 pm
kentucky. you can see the storms that we had yesterday, those were building along, today's storms almost moving due east. the one thing this system will do for so much of the country is really to take down the heat that big area, that expansive area of heat and humidity will at least be shrinking. chicago at 57 degrees. the dew point temperature, 53 in minneapolis, minnesota. 52 in bismarck, north dakota. for a look at the current pattern the cooler pattern. upper 80s and less humidity. this will be a really, really nice weekend. nice and comfortable across the area. your futurecast, the front comes through. we have high pressure building, hanging on for a while. the storms ending, the temperature dropping, it should be a comfortable and nice start to the day between 70 and 76. the one area, stafford, spotsylvania, and prince


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